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The New Standard in Product Identity

Dive Into the Age of Blockchain


End-to-end encrypted built on the Concordium Blockchain​


Product Identity


Customer engagement

Track & Trace



Provenance Tags is a next-generation Blockchain platform that revolutionizes product authentication and tracking.

It allows physical products to be linked with digital tags, which can be scanned using a Smart Phone to instantly access a wealth of information.

The platform offers robust features such as verifying the product's authenticity by confirming the source of the tag.

Additionally, Provenance Tags enables the tracking of location, notes, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

All this information is at your fingertips, just by scanning the Provenance Tags on the product, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that you are buying an authentic product.

Provenance Tags offers a cutting-edge suite of features that not only prevent counterfeit products but also engage customers like never before.

Elevate your product tracking to a new level of security and transparency with Concordium Blockchain and Provenance Tags.


Safeguard your brand and verify the authenticity of your products by logging all manufacturing and supply chain data.


No technical expertise? Let us handle the integration, assist in selecting the right Tags, and build a custom Smart Phone App to validate Provenance Tags.

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